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Gryphcon 2007

Change Con - Design Changes

Friday -Sunday, 23 - 25 March 2007!

University of Guelph, Games, Ontario, Canada

The University of Guelph Games Club proudly presents Gryphcon.  This year is the 28th edition of the convention.  Gryphcon is the weekend gaming convention that has something for everyone. 

Are you an experience gamer looking for a chance to have some fun?  Are you new the University of Guelph and looking to do some gaming and perhaps get to know some new people?  Are you returning to the University of Guelph after a summer at home and looking to get the dice rolling again?  If you answer yes to any of those questions we've got what you looking for.  Come join us for the fun. 

To register for events on this site:

1) Log in.
2) Go to Events > Events by Slot or Events > Events by Type or Events > Events by Day
3) Then you simply look for the event your interested hit the button "Add to Cart"
4) Then make sure you log out properly

NOTE - Please contact us at if you have any problems registering for events!!!

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